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Wuhan Silver Laser Technology Co.,Ltd

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CO2 Laser Tube 600W
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Product: Views:503CO2 Laser Tube 600W 
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Last updated: 2019-02-28 16:21

Wuhan Silver Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is high-tech enterprise of production sealed off CO2 laser tube.

Our company has ten years of experiences and technology in CO2 laser field, and establish the long-term strategic cooperation with Huazhong University of Science and Technology national optoelectronic laboratory, Institute of Hebei Academy of Sciences, Technical indexes and parameters of CO2 laser tube we produced are higher than the similar products in domestic.

SLW the production area of 2000m2, had 800m2 class 1000 dust clean room, have own light Industrial workshop, equipped with light lathe, CNC grinding machine, high precision parallel light pipe, ultra high vacuum gas distribution station, ultra high vacuum helium mass spectrometer leak detector, mainly produced 40W-180W 300W, 500W and 600W sealed off laser tube.

Cooling Water

The chiller must use distilled water, if possible, deionized water is the best choice. Water temperature should be controlled between 20°C and 26°C, best temperature is 24°C.

TS Series Basic Parameter



Working  Power

System Volume

L * W * H (mm)


Working Time


Water Temp

Operating Temp

Water Chiller


360 W

300 W

1810 * 245 * 148


>12000 hr

12 months

24°C (+/-2°C)

10°C ~ 30°C

CW 5200


580 W

500 W

1870 * 355 * 148


>12000 hr

12 months

24°C (+/-2°C)

10°C ~ 30°C

CW 6200


730 W

620 W

1870 * 400 * 215


>12000 hr

12 months

24°C (+/-2°C)

10°C ~ 30°C

CW 6200

Select to use the all lens from USA II-VI company

Air cooling design, ensure system stability

Easy and safe of HV cable connection

All the difficulties and complexities are ours, and all easy and safety belongs to the customers.

Legible security labels and use labels, only for users to feel better use experience

New design of diversion and exhaust hot / inhale cool heat dissipation system, ensures the TS series products will not fail due to overheating problems.

Perfect laser beam quality from TS series products 100% TEM00

The advantages of our products compared with other products

Professional packaging to ensure transport safety

Q: How do you guarantee the safety of goods in transportation?

A: We ensure the safety of the goods in the transportation from three aspects as follow:

1. We have enough experience of packing on the CO2 laser glass tube and other fragile goods. Professional packing can reduce the risk of breakage to a great extent.

2. We will choose and cooperate with the famous international transport company, including: the international express delivery, international air and international shipping companies.

3. Even if the goods have been damage in the way of transportation, our customer need not worry, because we have perfect system of insurance. Consumers will not have any losses.